When was the last time your patients heard from you?

Ouch. It’s been that long, eh?

We help bariatric surgeons nurture their patients (and prospects) through automated email campaigns.

You have many choices of where to put your marketing dollars. Email continues to net the highest return.

Email ROI (per $1 spent)


If your practice is like most, you have a problem…

You want more patients - or at least better paying patients.

You spend (sometimes waste) lots of money on advertising and marketing, all the while neglecting a rich pool of people that could bring in untold amounts of business, your email list of past, current, and future clients.

Think of all those people who already know, like, and trust you. This is where all of your referrals and testimonials come from.

Clover Method crafts custom, timely, relevant emails for your list. This nets you more referrals, repeat, reviews, and patients.

Ask yourself this simple question...

If I did a better job keeping in touch with my patients and past patients, how would that improve my practice?

This is what Clover Method can help you do. We help add patients to your practice at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.


Dr. Tim Saruk

“...it is important to me that I communicate the value of Matty’s coaching so he can do for others what he has done for me...and hopefully communicate to him just how grateful I am. As far as numbers go, my monthly appointments increased from 100 to 166 during the time I worked with him.”


Dr. Bo Neichoy

“We’ve seen great results. Since working with Clover Method, we've seen a tremendous increase in new patient leads. We now have a fully automated campaign to nurture those leads. As well as a way to communicate with our 2,000+ past patients.”


Kori Royal, Practice Administrator

“They’ve been so great to work with. There are so many marketing techniques that I want to take advantage of, but rarely have the time to implement. Clover Method has taken care of that for me.”

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